Louisiana School seeking host parents for students away from home: Residents of the city of Natchitoches and Natchitoches Parish are invited to sign up to participate in the Host Family program offered by the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts. “This program was put in place to offer additional support to our students who are away from home and don’t have easy access to their families,” said Audra Allen, co-coordinator of the program at LSMSA. The Host Family program provides a caring “home away from home” experience for students who would like to build a friendship with a local family. Area families “adopt” students to make them feel welcome and to help them develop ties to the Natchitoches community. Matches are made between families and students based on interests and individual requests. Any LSMSA student who wishes to have a host family may apply. Priority will be given to those students who live further from Natchitoches and will not be able to go home as often. Host families may include single parents, families with children and retirees. They should be active members of the community who wish to get to know LSMSA students and offer them a support structure outside of the school community. Faculty and staff at LSMSA also serve as host families. “Drs. Art and Sharon Williams have been my host parents for my whole time at LSMSA,” said Julia Landon, a senior from Baton Rouge. “I have loved having them as my ‘parents’ because they are very welcoming and are always willing to bring me to religious services and over to their house for dinner.” If you would like to serve as a host family, complete the application form online by visiting: http://goo.gl/NXBFH0. For more information, contact Audra Allen at aallen@lsmsa.edu or at 357-2559.

First United Methodist Church Natchitoches will offer financial peace university courses Sunday evenings at 5:30 p.m. For reservations call 318-357-8296. For more information visit www.FUMCLA.org

Tax amnesty ready for some: Louisiana Tax Amnesty will be through -Nov. 14 according to the La. Dept. of Revenue (LDR). The 30-day tax amnesty offers non-compliant taxpayers the opportunity to settle their accounts with the state by paying 100 percent of delinquent taxes with a waiver of penalties and 50 percent of the interest owed. New to the amnesty program is the option for individual and business taxpayers to pay their overdue ta liabilities through installment payments over a six-month period. Through 11:59 p.m. Nov. 14, eligible taxpayers an apply online at www.ldrtaxamnesty.com For more information call 866-782-9241. Taxpayers identified and non-compliant in LDR’s records should expect to receive a letter an/or recorded telephone message before the tart of the amnesty program with instruction for submitting applications and payments online. Contact information is drawn from data taxpayers have submitted to LDR with tax filings and other communications.

‘Move Over’ urges motorists to slow down, change lanes: Louisiana motorists, especially on interstate highways, need to be aware of a law enforcement campaign to assure that drivers slow down or change lanes when approaching vehicles that are on the shoulders of roads because of mechanical or other problems. Dozens of signs have been placed along highways across the state directing motorists to slow down and to move to a lane away from emergency or disabled vehicles on shoulders if there are additional lanes available. State Police officials announced the establishment of the “Move Over” program to increase awareness of the law requiring vehicles to slow down or change lanes when approaching cars and trucks on the sides of roads and highways. Law enforcement officials statewide have expanded efforts to enforce the law, which carries a fine of $200. It is a matter of courtesy and common sense to slow down and move over when there are vehicles on the shoulders of roads, and that practice also curtails accidents and saves lives.

Items for deployed military troops can be dropped of at any of the four Bank of Montgomery Branches. The project continues year-round with boxes to be prepared for Halloween and Christmas. The Shreveport Chapter of Operation Support Our Troops (OSOT) needs help with their on-going collection of items that can include instant hot chocolate mix/coffee/tea, tuna in foil packs, instant oatmeal/grits, Ramen noodle and instant cup-a-soup in any flavor except pork, chocolate candy, especially Hershey’s Kisses, white tube socks, artwork made by school children and notes or letters.