Natchitoches Church News


First Presbyterian Church has "Lunch on us" Wednesdays, providing sack lunches for those in need starting at 11:30am.

A grief support group meets the fourth Thursday at 5:30pm in the church hall of St. Anthony of Padua. Anyone experiencing a loss may attend.

United Methodist Church in Montgomery has AA Meetings Wednesdays at 7pm.

Lightway Church holds a Bible-based community support group for those struggling with addictions, problems or fears. Meetings are open to adults 18yrs or older. For information on help for those under the age of 18 or for information on the program call 352-8609.

Celebrate Recovery will meet every Thursday evening from 6-8pm at First BC, 508 Second St.. There is no cost to attend. Babies through children in Kindergarten can go to childcare, children in first through sixth grades can go to "Celebration Place," and children in seventh through twelfth can go to "The Landing." Contact Tanya Conlay at First BC at 318-352-3737.

The officers and members of St. Davis BC Pastoral Search Committee are accepting resumes for the position of Pastor. They will consider first-time Pastorship, but applicants must be ordained. Send resume' to St. Davis MBC, PO Box 61, Cloutierville, La 71416.

 First BC North Street, The Rev. Mitchell C. Hearndon  will have their Annual Summer Revival June 21 - 23 at 6pm nightly.

St. Augustine BC, Little River will have its 114th Church Anniversary Sunday, June 25th. The guest is Pastor Albert Gillie and St. Martha BC.

Bethel BC will celebrate Pastor Waddell and Sister Ruth Smith's 3rd Anniversary Sunday, June 25th at 3pm. The guest are Rev. Andre Hayne and members of Pleasant Hill BC, Montgomery.

Lighthouse MBC will have its Annual Ushers Program June 25th at 2pm. Guests will be Pastor Douglas Reliford and member of Unity Outreach Church, Clarence. For more information contact Minister Mae Etta Robinson at 318-527-9606.

St. Joe BC will celebrate its 151st Church Anniversary Sunday, June 25th at 2:30 pm. The guest speaker will be Pastor Alfred Williams and members of St. Peter BC, Campti.

Gilgal MBC, Rev. Lamar Richardson will have their Homecoming Program Sunday, June 25th at 2:30pm. The Rev. Mitchell Hearndon and the First BC, North St will be the guest.

St. Savior BC Cane River, Pastor Henry Edwards will have their Choir Anniversary, Sunday June 25th at 2:30pm. The guests will be Pastor Joseph Franklin and the Mt. Triump BC Choir, Boyce.

New Hope MBC will have its 12th Celebration services for Pastor Irving Caldwell and wife Sunday, July 2nd at 2pm. The presiding Minister is Pastor Herbert Rhone. The guest speaker will be Minister Anthony Reliford, Campti. Also featured is the Sons of Faith, Ringgold/Heflin, Friendship BC Choir, Natchitoches.

Mt. Sinai BC, Pastor George Kirts, Jr will have their Annual Revival July 5-7 at 7pm nightly. The guest speaker will be the Rev. Martin Washington of Willow Grove BC, Greenville BC, North Star BC and Willow Grove BC. The theme is "Lord I Believe."

Gilgal MBC will have revival Jul7 5-7 at 7pm nightly. The guest speaker will be Rev. Carey C. Smith and the Greenville BC family, Clarence.



   Martin Baptist Church....8:30

    Creston Baptist Church........10:30













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